Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Dream

Don't worry, I'm not going to tell you about a dream I had last night (although I've had some doozies lately). We were suffering from cruise withdrawals so we booked a back to back cruise on the new Carnival Dream. The worst part......we have to wait a whole year. It's a new ship, due to debut next September. We are booked for January 23, 2010 for the first week, we'll stay on the ship and go the next week too.

So far, Ken's sister Sue and husband Duane, are the only others booked with us. We're hoping a few more couples will decide to cruise with us. Eveyone start saving your bucks and come along.
It will be Carnival's largest ship, with some new innovations. Fun, fun, fun!
This is the area my hubby is excited about.....the water slide! Should I be worried or is it a good thing that a sixty year old man is excited about this?

Being the complete opposite of my husband, this hot tub cantilevered off the side of the ship looks pretty inviting to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now I'm Worried

I saw a blurb on one of the news channels that the designer of Aretha's hat has so received so many orders today for this hat, that he can't find enough fabric to fill them all. That's scary.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This scanning project is taking over my life!

Since this scanning project is taking over my house, my life and every bit of spare time I have, I decided I may as well post a few of the pictures I've scanned. These are of the grandkids, just random photos, some are recent and some of them are when the teen-agers now were small.
Taylor was our first grandchild and I have a gazillion pictures of her. This is her first Christmas, she was pretty spoiled.
This is Taylor all grown up, her mind anyway.

Austan and Tristan came into our lives about five years ago so I don't have many pictures of them when they were small. They are the two boys on the right in this Christmas picture from a few years ago.

This is Trey who was very disgusted with his parents after they all completed a long hike in the Big Horn Mountains. When he's not happy with something, his face will tell you.

Zac was excited to start kindergarten. Probably the first and last day he was excited about school.

I just like this picture of Lexie. She is a few years younger here, but she's still this pretty.

Tucker is thirteen now, but he still looks like this when he laughs. He has a great giggle.

Luke was just starting to smile and notice people when I took this picture. Maybe when I get good at photoshop I can get rid of the feet growing out of his head.

Kenzie had the wildest hair when she was born. It looks curly here, but it's pretty straight now.

Zac usually wore his hair spiked, as was the style a few years ago. His new step-dad decided to give him a new "do" and slicked it all down.

Caelen was very attached to her "binky" when she was little. Colette took this picture in the car after she heard a small squeal of delight and turned to see Caelen with two pacifiers in her mouth. She was really pleased with herself.

This picture of Talen, Trey, Caelen and Kenzie was taken last summer. Trey likes to puff his chest out and the girls are unsucessfully trying to copy him.

Ken was raking leaves last fall and caught this image of Caelen jumping into the pile.

This is a picture the girls will laugh at someday and then ask us why we made them wear bunny ears. Talen didn't have ears so she just put the Easter basket on her head. She does things like that.

Tanner and Taylor, both teen-agers now, are sitting in my doll room. I think Taylor was thrilled to finally be in there, but Tanner not so much.

Tanner has been wrestling since he was about 4 years. Here he is with his "look tough" pose.

Lexie came to visit us from NC when she was about 9 months old. Dad is giving her a bath in the kitchen sink.

Taylor, Tanner and Tucker after going down the water slide in Moose Jaw, Canada.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kenzie, Caelen and Talen. They love to take a bath at grandma's house.

When my computer crashed last fall I lost a lot of pictures that hadn't been printed so now they are all going onto CD's and being backed up on an external hard drive. Saturday I scanned 276 pictures and that is not even a small dent in the amount I have left to do. Ugh!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What have I got myself into???

I began a winter project that will almost certainly drive me crazy. My plan was to scan some old photos and put them on CD's for my family. I now have hundreds of pictures and the majority of them don't have names or dates on them. These two are from Ken's side of the family and nobody knows anything about them. I was able to zoom in and read the license which is a 1928 Wyoming plate. The woman in the back on the left is Ken's Grandma George. That's it, the only thing we know about them. The location doesn't even look familiar. I would love to know more about these pictures, but they were taken eighty years ago. Who the heck am I going ask?

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Real Crappy Friday

My day started with a call from my daughter who lives in the country about 60 miles away from us. She had injured her knee in a fall from a four-wheeler earlier in the week and had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon in Billings today and needed me to drive her there. I called my daughter Kim to go with me in case Cami needed help getting in and out of the vehicle. We had freezing rain last night on top of what snow was left and the roads weren't that great. We made it fine until we turned on the dirt road to get to her house. I was going slow but when I turned this corner I starting sliding and this is where I ended up. Luckily, there was a snow bank there that kept us from going all the way over on the side. We had to crawl out the passenger side window to get out and then sunk up to our knees in the snow bank. The hardest part was calling Ken and telling him what had happened. He luvvvvvs his truck. To his credit, he was very calm and just relieved that we weren't hurt. We ended up taking Cami's truck to Billings and we were about an hour late for her appointment but we made it. She had an MRI which she won't know the results from until Tuesday. The doctor did detect a small fracture on her tibia, which they didn't see when she had it x-rayed right after the accident. While we were in Billings it started snowing again and made for slick roads coming home. It tooks us almost two hours to get to her house, usually a one hour drive. Luckily, the road from her house to Colstrip was pretty clear and we are all home safe and sound. Even the pickup isn't in too bad of shape. The front fender by the door is dented so it will be making a trip to the body shop.