Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Slieve League and more

The cliffs of Slieve League are the highest sea cliffs in Europe, roughly 2000 feet from the Atlantic Ocean to the top of highest cliff.   Higher than the cliffs of Moher, but not nearly as well known, Slieve League is located in a remote part of Donegal County.  The scenery was spectacular.

 We parked the car in the parking area and walked up the trail to get the best views.

 Ken and Johnny didn't make it to the highest point, but they were pretty high.  Hannah and I stayed at a lower level.

It was chilly on the cliffs and it looked like rain so headed back to Donegal to have an early dinner and take in some of the celebration when the Donegal football team returned to town.  Before dinner we toured Donegal Castle, which is located right in the center of town.

 Donegal Castle was in ruins for over two centuries before being almost fully restored in the late 1990's.  It was built by the wealthy O'Donnell clan in 1474.  In 1611 it became the property of an English Captain whose family retained ownership of the castle until the 1800's when it fell into ruin.

 The toilet. 

 The Blueberry Tea Room where we had a wonderful "late lunch or early dinner" of quiche and salad.
 We ran into the owner of the B&B in town with his 5 children.  They were waiting for the team to return to join in the celebration.

 Even Ken got into the spirit of things.
 Back at the B&B we warmed up with a peat fire and our nightly wine and cheese.
 Our final breakfast at Rossmore Manor before leaving for Dublin and our last few days in Ireland.


Joan said...

The cliffs are beautiful but a little scary looking. I am sure the camera can not capture the beauty of these areas but the mind can.

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This place looks amazing I have to go there someday!